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BART is the stage name for a 16 year old DJ, Kurt Bartolo who lives in Malta. He has been practicing at being a DJ ever since he was 12 years old and at the age of 15 he got his first DJ tryout from a student organization called Pulse.

Pulse (student politic organization) called BART to play at their LED party. It was such a great experience for him as it was his first gig as a DJ. From that night since he performed really well he was noticed by other organisations that asked him to perform at some nightclub's as a DJ.

Today BART is part of the 50 shades team as a resident DJ. Here he played at there first ever teen party and after that party 50 shades became very popular with more than 2000 people attending there recent events. BART now plays regularly at the 50 shades events and has become quite popular.

BART also had the chance to meet Harrison at one of the 50 shades events. Harrison is a DJ that contributed with many famous and top DJ's from around the world like Hardwell and Vinai.

The experience continues and BART is willing to start hitting the CDJs in bigger parties.



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